Sana Facts

Name Sana (사나) / Japanese Name: Minatozaki Sana (湊崎 紗夏)
Position Vocalist
Birthday 29. December 1996
Nationality Japanese
Zodiac Sign Capricorn / Rat
Height 165 - 168 cm
Weight 48 kg
Blood Type B

Sana's Profile

Life and Career

Sana was born in Osaka (Japan) as an only child.

She was scouted while shopping in Japan and later auditioned in 2012 making the final cut. She then moved to South Korea to practice as a Trainee for JYP Entertainment. She was chosen as Twice member in the show “Sixteen” like most of her fellow members.


Sana is known for her optimistic and bright personality. On the other hand, she is a bit clumsy.

Sana’s special hobby is calligraphy, which she already learned from elementary school. But she also likes shopping and collecting body mist.

She also likes to stretch, especially in her bed, which she also does when she cannot fall asleep.

She mentioned that she loves the movie “A liter of tears”, which made her cry a lot.

Sana as Artist

Sana went viral and gained a lot of popularity for her cute version of the lyrics “Shy shy shy” in Twice’s song “Cheer Up”. A lot of fans and also other Kpop artists, such as G-Dragon (BigBang), followed her and copied the cute moves. Her aegyo seems to be unstoppable as she set another trend with her "Cheese Kimbap". She was trying to guess what Jeongyeon was saying and just looked adorable.

She was also seen in the MVs for Got7’s “A”, the Japanese versions of Junho’s “Candy” and Junho’s “Feel”.

Sana is close friends with Eunha from Gfriend and U from ONF, who is also from Osaka and used to train with Sana.

Best of Sana

We love Sana in the MV for "Feel Special"!

All pictures on this page were shot by Shaq Foto and made available under the Creative Commons License.

Sources for this profile page are, Wikipedia and own research.

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