Suho Facts

Name Kim Junmyeon (김준면) alias Suho (수호)
Position Leader / Lead Vocalist
Birthday 22. May 1991
Nationality Korean
Zodiac Sign Gemini / Goat
Height 173 cm
Weight 57 kg
Blood Type AB

Suho's Profile

Life and Career

Suho was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. He lived with his parents and his older brother. Suho is Buddhist.

He went to the Whimoon High School in Seoul, which has a sophisticated image. Suho’s parents gave him an electric piano as a present when he graduated. He proceeded to attend the Korean National University of Arts but changed his major from Acting to Business Administration and enrolled in the Kyung Hee Cyber University.

However, Suho always wanted to become a singer from an early age during elementary school. If that wouldn’t have been possible he was going to become a teacher, though.

Suho was casted in 2006. He was discovered by street agents and joined SM Entertainment in the same year.

Personality and Hobbies

Suho is very polite and considerate, which are great traits for being the group leader. He thinks that solving a problem with a calm conversation is the best way. He also earned himself the nicknames of „Sunnouncer“ – which is a combination of Suho and announcer – and „Esuhort“ – which stands for Suho and escort.

Suho said about himself that he ist he best public speaker in Exo. He even developed the habit to clear his throat by saying „ah!“ before speaking.

He likes to make jokes but the members usually don’t think they are funny.

Suho likes to be active and work out. He can do push-ups with only two fingers. He also enjoys cycling, golf and acting and he often goes to the Han River in Seoul.

Suho’s favorite music is Funk Rock.

Suho and other Idols

Suho is close to Minho (Shinee). They went to China to learn Mandarin together when Suho still was a Trainee.

He is said to look like his label’s senior Choi Siwon (Super Junior).

His best friend is Sehun, with whom he used to share a room in the dorm. He is also close to Taemin (Shinee), Leeteuk (Super Junior), Donghae (Super Junior) and Kyuhyun (Super Junior).

Suho as an Artist

Suho was seen in TVXQ’s MV for „Hahaha Song“ when he was a trainee.

He was also part of the show „Exciting India“ and acted in several movies. You can see him in „To the Beautiful You“ (drama, cameo, 2012), „Prime Minister and I“ (drama, 2013), „How are you bread“ (drama, 2016), „One way trip“ (movie, 2016), „The Universe’s Star“ (drama, 2017), „Rich Man“ (drama, 2018) and „Student A“ (movie, 2018). Suho also starred in the musical „The last kiss“ with his label’s mate Luna (f(x)).

Best of Suho

We love Suho for his beautiful collaboration with Jang Jane in the MV "Dinner"!

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Sources for this profile page are, Wikipedia and own research.

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