Kai Facts

Name Kim Jongin (김종인) alias Kai (카이)
Position Main Dancer / Vocalist / Lead Rapper
Birthday 14. January 1994
Nationality Korean
Zodiac Sign Capricorn / Rooster
Height 182 cm
Weight 63 kg
Blood Type A

Kai's Profile

Life and Carreer

Kai was born in Seoul. He has two older sisters, of whom one owns the cafe ‘Kamong’. Kai likes to draw designs for new cups in his sister’s cafe. Kai’s father died in 2018 unfortunately.

Kai has three dogs – one poodle called Monggu and two toy poodles Jjanggu and Jjangah.

He attended Seoul Arts High School, which is known to be the school of many other idols as well.

Kai mentioned in the show „Ask us anything“ that he auditioned at SM Entertainment because his dad promised to buy him a Nintendo as a reward. Kai then auditioned and won the SM Entertainment‘s Youth Best Contest in 2007.

He was the first member of Exo-K to be revealed to the public and therefore appeared in 13 Exo teasers before their debut.

His passion is dancing. He said if he wasn’t part of Exo, he would have become a ballet dancer.

Personality and Hobbies

Kai received several nicknames over time. Some of them are about his darker skin. He is called „Kkamjong“, which means dark Jong (his real name is Jongin) or sun-kissed boy. He is also called idol’s idol because many idols look up to him and chose him as a role model. He participated in a photo shoot to help homeless people once, which was a huge success and earned a lot of money for the homeless. He received the nickname Subway angel for this.

He looks fierce on stage but is shy and gentle off-stage, even though he is said to have the shortest temper of Exo’s members.

Kai loves dancing, reading books and listening to music. He loves R&B and Hip Hop the most.

Kai also loves playing video games and watching YouTube videos.

He had long hair when he was a kid because his mother loved to see him with long hair. Therefore he was often mistaken to be a girl when he was young.

Kai and other idols

Kai is close to Taemin (Shinee), Jimin (BTS), Sungwoon (Wanna One), Timoteo (HotShot) and Ravi (Vixx).

He was in a relationship with Krystal (f(x)) from May 2016 until June 2017.

Kai was also in a relationship with Jennie (Black Pink) for a short time before they had to break up to focus on their individual schedules.

By now Kai is very close to his fellow member D.O. but he used to be afraid of him since he looks like he is glaring a lot due to his short-sightedness.

Kai as an Artist

Kai appeared in TVXQ’s MV for „Hahaha Song“ and in Teatiseo’s MV for „Twinkle“.

Kai was acting in several dramas. You can see him in „To the Beautiful You“ (2012), „Choco Bank“ (2016, web drama), „First Seven Kisses“ (2016, web drama), „Andante“ (2017), „Spring has come“ (2018, Japanese) and „Miracle that we met“ (2018).

Kai had a solo performance at the Olympics closing ceremony in 2018.

Best of Kai

We love Kai for leading the dance in "Ko Ko Bop"!


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Sources for this profile page are Allkpop.com, Wikipedia and own research.

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