Taehyun Facts

Name Kang Taehyun (강태현)
Position Vocalist
Birthday 5. February 2002
Nationality Korean
Zodiac Sign Aquarius / Horse
Height 174 cm
Weight 62 kg
Blood Type -

Taehyun's Profile


Taehyun also attends Hanlim Multi-Arts School like Beomgyu.

He likes English and speaks it very well. He even has a sister, who also speaks English. Furthermore, he used to film videos teaching other kids how to speak English when he was younger.

Taehyun is into photography.


Taehyun was the fourth member to be introduced.

In the introductions film he was represented by a parrot and the flower daffodile. The morse code at the end means “Clue“.

Best of Taehyun

We are looking forward to what Taehyun will show us in the future!


All pictures on this page are screenshots from the TXT Introduction Film by Big Hit Entertainment.

Sources for this profile page are Allkpop.com and own research.

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