Soobin Facts

Name Choi Soobin (최수빈)
Position Rapper / Leader
Birthday 5. December 2000
Nationality Korean
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius / Dragon
Height 184 cm
Weight 65 kg
Blood Type O

Soobin's Profile


Soobin is the youngest of his family and has an older sister and an older brother (according to the TXT official community site). He also has a dog, who is called Sean.

He received the nickname Cucumber because he is very tall. He is even said to be the tallest trainee oft he agency.

It’s said that he never makes any spelling mistakes and likes to correct other peoples‘ spelling mistakes.

He loves almond milk.


Soobin was the second member to be introduced.

In the introductions film he was represented by a praying mantis and the flower anemone. The morse code at the end means “Tomorrow“.

Best of Soobin

We are looking forward to what Soobin will show us in the future!

All pictures on this page are screenshots from the TXT Introduction Film by Big Hit Entertainment.

Sources for this profile page are and own research.

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