Huening Kai

Huening Kai Facts

Name Kai Kamal Huening alias Huening Kai (휴닝카이)
Position Vocalist / Maknae
Birthday 14. August 2002
Nationality American-Korean
Zodiac Sign Leo / Horse
Height 179 cm
Weight 66 kg
Blood Type -

Huening Kai's Profile


Kai was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Korean mother and a Brazilian father. He even is partly German from his dad’s side. He has an older sister, Ria, who was a member of the girl group Viva. He has another sister, who is younger than him.

He speaks many languages: English, Korean, Portuguese and Mandarin.

Kai studied at Yongmun Middle School in Yangpyeong and Lila Art Highschool, which is located in Seoul, South Korea.


Kai was the third member to be introduced.

In the introductions film he was represented by a gecko and the flower Icelandic poppy. The morse code at the end means “Secret“.

Best of Huening Kai

We are looking forward to what Kai will show us in the future!

All pictures on this page are screenshots from the TXT Introduction Film by Big Hit Entertainment.

Sources for this profile page are and own research.

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