Tzuyu Facts

Name Tzuyu (쯔위) / Taiwanese Name: Chou Tzuyu (周子瑜)
Position Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Maknae
Birthday 14. June 1999
Nationality Taiwanese
Zodiac Sign Gemini / Rabbit
Height 170 - 172 cm
Weight 48 kg
Blood Type A

Tzuyu's Profile


Tzuyu was born in the city Tainan in Taiwan. She has an older brother and her family owns a dog. Her aunt named the dog like the brand Gucci. Her mother is said to have earned a lot of money from investing in various fields in Taiwan. She now owns her own Café.

Tzuyu attends Hanlim Multi Arts School in Seoul, which is known for being attended by many idols, such as Yeri from Red Velvet, Jooe and Nancy from Momoland or Eunbin from CLC.


Tzuyu was discovered in Tainan while attending the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in 2012. Later that year she moved to South Korea to be a trainee under JYP Entertainment. She was not casted for the show “Sixteen” but got lucky and replaced former participant Lena, who left.

Tzuyu was seen in the MVs for “Stop stop it” by Got7 and “Only You” by Miss A before her debut.

She went virals for a short clip, which shows her participating at shooting arrows during the show “Idol Athletics Championships”. She accidentally flicked her hair while releasing the arrow and got famous for the beautiful view.


Tzuyu is not speaking very much during shows and is also known to not cry easily in front of other people. She doesn’t like to be called beautiful. Instead of being called pretty, she wants to hear that she is talented.

She sleeps early and wakes up the earliest out of the members. She likes the character Yoda from “Star Wars” very much and can impersonate him as well. She generally enjoys watching performances and eating good food. Her favorite drink is chocolate milk.

Tzuyu as Artist

Tzuyu admires Beyonce and Sistar (especially Hyorin) as her favorite type of music is Pop. She also likes to sing songs from Disney movies.

She also has some idol friends like Rose from Black Pink and Elkie from CLC.

Best of Tzuyu

We love Tzuyu in "Dance the night away"!

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Sources for this profile page are, Wikipedia and own research.

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