Dahyun Facts

Name Kim Dahyun (김다현)
Position Lead Rapper / Vocalist
Birthday 28. May 1998
Nationality Korean
Zodiac Sign Gemini / Tiger
Height 160 - 165 cm
Weight 48 kg
Blood Type O

Dahyun's Profile

Life and Career

Dahyun was born in Seongnam, which is very close to the South Korean capital Seoul. She also has an older brother, who is named Myungsoo. She was raised in a Christian family.

Dayhun was scouted by a JYP agent after dancing in a dance festival when she was in middle school. She later auditioned for the three big entertainment companies JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment in 2012. Her audition was very successful as all three companies offered her a spot as a trainee but as we all know now she chose JYP.


Dahyun earned herself the nickname “Tofu” due to her white skin. Maybe this is also the reason why she loves to drink milk. Her favorite is chocolate milk though. She loves chocolate so much, that she said she would not be able to survive without it.

Dahyun is scared of being alone in dark places. She also mentioned that she cannot watch horror movies because she is too scared. On the contrary, she looks like a dead person while sleeping. She is also afraid of animals, even cats and dogs.

Her strategy to relieve stress is to smile to set some positive energy free.

Dahyun as Artist

Dahyun is known for her high energy, which also makes her a great guest for TV shows. She even got her own segment during “Weekly Idol” with Gfriend’s Sinbi, Got7’s Jackson and Monsta X’s Jooheon, which was called “Idol is best”.

She is also known for her talent to detect all cameras and making sure she gets a good shot of herself. There is a video proofing her skill, in which you will see Twice passing several cameras and only Dahyun smiling or waving into their direction.

Even before she debuted she already went viral in South Korea with the so-called “Eagle dance”. She showed it here again. She was also very popular during the show “Sixteen”, if not the most popular member.

Even though she is known for her bright side and high energy, Dahyun showcases another side of her during VLive broadcasts. You can see her calm side there while playing the piano.

You can watch Dahyun in Got7’s MV for “Stop stop it” and the Japanese version of Wooyoung’s MV for “Rose”. She was also featured in “Replies that make us flutter”, which was a Chuseok Special Show, in which stars act out fans’ imaginary scenes. Dahyun was appearing with Astro’s members Eunwoo and Moonbin in a romantic comedy like situation.

Dayhun also has idol friends like Pinky (Kyulkyung) from Pristin.

Best of Dahyun

We like Dahyun the most in the MV for "TT"!


All pictures on this page were shot by Shaq Foto and made available under the Creative Commons License.

Sources for this profile page are Allkpop.com, Wikipedia and own research.

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