Wendy Facts

Name Wendy Son aka Wendy (웬디)
Position Main Vocalist
Birthday 21. February 1994
Nationality 🇰🇷 Korean
Zodiac Sign Pisces / Dog
Height 1.55m - 1.60m
Weight 47 kg
Blood Type 0

Wendy's Profile


Wendy was born on February 21st, 1994 in the wealthy district of Seongbuk-dong in Seoul as one of two children. Her perfect English, which she has proven in many songs, interviews, and variety shows, is not due to the fact that Wendy has anglophone ancestors, it's because she went to Canada after the 5th grade to attend Richmond Hill High School in the north of Toronto.


Wendy was part of the SM Entertainment rookie team and debuted in 2014 with Red Velvet . Due to her international background, Wendy did some collaborations with international artists like Vente Pa 'Ca with Ricky Martin. Her accent-free English also ensures that she can sing whole songs in English without any problems, as you can see in the Station song Have yourself a merry little Christmas .


Wendy is not only a stunning singer but also a true multi-instrumentalist. In addition to her vocal cords, she plays the piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone and would even like to learn more instruments. Even though even Wendy's private life is heavily influenced by music, she still has some time left for other hobbies, like going out to drink some coffee - but not with Irene .


Unlike her bandmate Seulgi and Irene, who are more likely to be described as calm personalities, Wendy is famous for her expressive nature and her emotional reactions, which suits her positive personality.


A funny anecdote is Wendy's nickname Olaf , which friends and bandmates gave her. The unusual nickname comes from the character Olaf of "Frozen" , a small snowman that reportedly looks like Wendy.

Best of Wendy

We love Wendy in "Red Flavor". Why? Because with her solo line at the end of the song, she clearly shows why *she* is the band's main vocalist.


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