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Mamamoo is a girl group under Rainbowbridge World (RBW) (formerly known as WA Entertainment) consisting of the four members Solar, Moonnbyul, Wheein and Hwasa (listed according to their age) as shown above.


Mamamoo debuted in 2014 with the single "Mr. Ambiguous".

Concept and Songs

Mamamoo is known for their strong and powerful voices and clever songs like "You're the Best", "Yes I am" and "Um Oh Ah Yeh". Mamamoo released two korean full-length studio albums, one japanese album and nine extended plays so far. Their latest project is the four seasons project, in which each member is represented in one season according to their colors (yellow for Hwasa, red for Moonbyul, blue for Solar and white for Wheein). They started the project with the single "Paint Me", which was released in January 2018. Even though Mamamoo is from one of the smaller labels, they won several awards like the "New Artist of the Year Award" at the Gaon Chart Music Awards in 2015, the "Best Entertainer Award" at the Asia Artist Awards in 2016, "Song of the Year" at the Gaon Chart Music Awards for "You're the Best" in 2017 and the "Bonsang Award" at the Seoul Music Awards in 2017, 2019 and 2020. They also could claim the "Best Group" Award at the Golden Disc Awards 2020.

Mamamoo officially

Mamamoo's official lightstick looks like a radish. It's a wordplay because "moo" of the band's name sounds like the Korean word for radish. The official fan club is thus called "Moomoo".

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Sources for this profile page are, Wikipedia and own research.

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