Lia Facts

Name Choi Jisu (최지수) alias Lia (리아)
Position Main Vocalist
Birthday 21. July 2000
Nationality Korean
Zodiac Sign Cancer / Dragon
Height 168 cm
Weight -
Blood Type -

Lia's Profile

Lia’s name is short for her English name „Julia“. She was living in Canada before and therefore speaks English as well.

She previously attended the department of Practical Music at Seoul’s School of Performing Arts. She is now enrolled in an International School.

Lia was a trainee under SM Entertainment before and trained under JYP Entertainment for more than two years. It’s said that she received vocal training from the Dream Vocal Academy.

Best of Lia

We are looking forward to Lia's future performances!

All pictures on this page are screenshots from ITZY's Prologue Film on Youtube.

Sources for this profile page are and own research.

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