Maroo Entertainment

Label Facts

Maroo Entertainment is an entertainment company established in 2007 which operates as a record label, talent agency and music production company.

In 2007, Mnet Media label Maroo debuted it’s first boy group, Supernova. In July 2010, the company was officially registered and two years later former SeeYa member Kim Yeon-ji joined Maroo as a soloist. In February 2014, Maroo debuted their first girl group 1PS.

Maroo debuted their second girl group myB in August 2015. On October 21, 2015 singer and entertainer Kim Jong-kook joined Maroo. On January 1, 2017 Maroo debuted their third girl group BONUSBaby.

In August 2017, actress Bae Geu-rin joined Maroo. In May 2018, Maroo debuted former The Ark member Euna Kim and Minju as duo, KHAN. Later that month, Norazo member Jo Bin joined Maroo. In August 2018, Norazo made their comeback under Maroo after adding new member Won Heum.

Signed Artists

  • Norazo
  • BONUSBaby
  • KHAN
  • Park Ji-hoon
  • Euna Kim
  • Kim Yeon-ji
  • 1PS
  • Song Ho-beom
  • Han Young
  • MyB
  • Jookyung
  • Heejoo
  • U-Jung
  • G-won
  • Supernova

Sources for this article was own research.