Jellyfish Entertainment

Label Facts

Jellyfish Entertainment was founded on August 17th 2007 composer and producer Hwang Se-jun in Seoul. The company acts in field of artist management, music production, publishing and licensing. Besides managing K-Pop groups like VIXX, Gugudan and Verivery Jellyfish Entertainment is also the home of soloists like Park Yoon-ha and Jang Hye-jin. The agency is also the home of actors including Park Jung-ah, Kim Ye-won and Park Jung-soo.

After the founding of the company the established ballad singer Sung Si-kyung " was the first artist who was contracted by Jellyfish Entertainment, and released the single "Parting Once Again. In November 2008, singer Park Hyo-shin signed to the agency and was featured on the album Hwang Project Vol.1 “Welcome To The Fantastic World”. Later in 2009 the Super Star K contestant Seo In-guk and Altair (Lee Ji-hoon) joined Jellyfish Entertainment.

In December 2010, Jellyfish Entertainment released the single “Christmas Time” of the Album Jelly Christmas holiday which was a collaboration project of Jellyfish Entertainment artists. In the following year Sung Si-kyung, Brian Joo, Seo In-guk, Park Hak-ki, Park Jang-hyun and Hwang Project collaborated again for Jelly Christmas with the single "Christmas for All".

In April 2012 Jellyfish Entertainment formed a boygroup which took part in MyDOL, a competition survival show that aired on Mnet. The winners and four additional members debuted as VIXX on May 24, 2012.
In June 2012, Lee Seok-hoon of SG Wannabe released the digital single "The Beginning of Love" (Y.Bird from Jellyfish Island with Lee Seok Hoon) as part of Hwang Se-jun's Y.Bird from Jellyfish Island project. On September 12th Jellyfish Entertainment held their first live concert Jellyfish Live at Tokyo's Zepp Diver City. In December Jellyfish Entertainment's artists collaborated again for the Jelly Christmas 2012 Heart Project with the single “Because It's Christmas”. The earnings from the project were donated to The Salvation Army Korea.

In February 2013 the Y.Bird from Jellyfish Island project released the digital "I Can't Live Because of You" by Seo In-guk featuring Verbal Jint. In October Y.BIRD from Jellyfish with VIXX & OKDAL was released with the song "Girl’s Why?". In December 2013 Jellyfish joined the CJ E&M label system as an independent label after 19% of Jellyfish's shares were acquired by CJ E&M.

In August 2015, VIXX LR was formed as the sub-unit of VIXX by rapper Ravi and vocalist Leo. The Jelly Christmas 2015 single was released on December 15th with the song "Love In The Air"

In the first half of 2016, Jellyfish trainees Kim Na-young, Kang Mi-na and Kim Se-jeong took part in Produce 101. After they won the show they debuted as part of the lineup of the year-long project girl group I.O.I, while still under contract with Jellyfish Entertainment. It was confirmed that following to their promotions as part of I.O.I, the trainees would officially debut as members of the agency's first girl group.
On June 3, 2016 Jellyfish Entertainment launch their new music channel Jelly Box. Similar to Jellyfish Entertainment’s previous project Y.Bird from Jellyfish Island it will showcase Jellyfish Entertainment artists and producers including collaborations with artists outside of the label.
On June 28, 2016, Jellyfish debuted with its first girl group Gugudan. In October 2016, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that former Dal Shabet member Jiyul, signed a contracted with the agency as an actress. On December 13, 2016, Jellyfish Entertainment released their Jelly Christmas 2016 single album with the song, "Falling" through their project Jelly Box. The Jellyfish artists participating were Seo In-guk, VIXX, Gugudan, Park Yoon-ha, Park Jung-ah, Kim Gyu-sun, Kim Ye-won and Jiyul.

In August 2017 CJ E&M effectively became Jellyfish Entertainment largest shareholder by acquiring 32% additional shares of Jellyfish. The following month, Gugudan 5959 was formed as the sub-unit of Gugudan, consisting of Hyeyeon and Mina.

In the beginning of 2019 Jellyfish debuted their second boy group Verivery.

Signed Artits

  • Park Yoon-ha
  • Ravi
  • Kim Se-jeong
  • Leo
  • Hyuk
  • VIXX
  • Gugudan
  • Verivery
  • Gugudan SeMiNa

Sources for this article was own research.