J. Tune Camp

Label Facts

J. Tune Camp was an independent record label founded in 2009 by J. Tune Entertainment. It manged groups like MBLAQ, Two X and Madtown.

After the founding J. Tune Camp debuted their first group MBLAQ in October 2009. On December 27th 2017 the parent company of J. Tune Camp, J. Tune Entertainment merged with JYP Entertainment. In an interview on January 3rd 2011 with Newsen, a Seoul-based Star & Lifestyle magazine, J.   Tune  Camp stated that "J.   Tune  Camp and J. Tune Entertainment are separate corporate bodies" and that the merger of J. Tune  Entertainment and JYP  Entertainment will not affect the label. Furthermore it was confirmed that MBLAQ will not be seen as part of JYP  Entertainment.

On February, 2017, G.O from MBLAQ wrote a letter to fans, hinting the closing of J.Tune Camp. After all mangers left and Madtown’s contract was transferred to GNI Entertainment it was confirmed that J. Tune Camp has dissipated.

Signed Artists

  • Two X
  • Madtown

Sources for this article was own research.