DSP Media

Label Facts

DSP Media is an entertainment company established in 1991 by Lee Ho-yeon and was at first named Daesung Enterprise. The company operates as a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management and concert production company, and music publishing house.

Besides managing many famous artists like April, Oh Jong-hyuk, Heo Young-ji, KARD and in the past SoBangCha, ZAM, COCO, Fin.K.L and Sechs Kies as well as SS501, KARA, Rainbow and A-JAX it also manages actors such as Lee Hyun-joo and Cho Shi-yoon.

From 1991 until 1999 the company´s name was Daesung Enterprise. After the success of groups like Sechs Kies and Fin.K.L the company was renamed to DSP Media. In March 2006 the company was renamed another time to DSP Enti but in 2008 after the company became famous for its success in K-Pop it was renamed back to DSP Media.

In March 2010, Lee Ho-yeon suffered a stroke and consequently his wife, Choi Mi-kyung, began running the company. Until this time DSP was the biggest rival of
SM Entertainment but Lee Ho-yeon’s skills played a big role in emergence of the company. In the years after his leaving the company's success declined.
Lee Ho-yeon died at February 14, 2018 (64) after a long illness.

Signed Artists

  • A-Jax
  • April
  • KARD
  • Oh Jong-hyuk
  • Heo Young-ji
  • SoBangCha
  • ZAM
  • CO CO
  • MUE
  • IDOL
  • Mountain
  • Sechs Kies
  • Fin.K.L1
  • Leeds
  • Click-B2
  • Shyne
  • SS501
  • Sunha
  • A'st1
  • KARA
  • Rainbow
  • Puretty

Sources for this article was own research.